eMunicipality at the Pioneers festival in Vienna

hofburg - Pioneers festival

eMunicipality’s team is heading to Vienna to present our latest innovations in e-government and Civic technology at this year’s edition of the Pioneers Festival. The Pioneers Festival will be held in Vienna the 24th and 25th of May at the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

In terms of technological innovations, these events have become a focal point for business and IT leaders, determining the future of digital technologies. During the scheduled discussions, eMunicipality intends to highlight the importance of the adoption of e-Government and civic technology in the local public sector and the benefits local governments can take from more transparency and participative democracy initiatives.

The festival will take place at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in the heart of the Austrian capital. Pioneers Festival aims to promote technological innovation, by bringing together more than 2,500 thought leaders in the IT sector. Innovative entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to present to the public their innovative ideas and build valuable connections with like-minded professionals.

eMunicipality will be showcasing its latest version of its local e-government software at the Pioneers Festival. Visitors at the exhibit will have an opportunity to get a close look at the recently released Citizen Relationship Management and Participative Democracy features and receive a chance to apply for the eMunicipality 3.0 program (Stay tuned for additional details).

Meet with us there:

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