The Erasmus municipality program

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The initiative, Erasmus Municipalities Program was launched in the frame of the “Training program” which is a Portuguese government training initiative addressed to municipalities, including their elected representatives, managers and workers. This initiative is to create European exchange space offering local government workers around Europe the possibility to meet with their counterparts, to exchange local best practices and develop city networks.

The Erasmus – Municipalities will allow an exchange between national authorities and counterparts workers of the European Union with affinities for economic development.


Municipalities and their employees have an opportunity here for six (6) weeks, meet and share best practices in local public policies, interacting with different cultures.


Benefits of Erasmus municipality program 

  • Overseas participants in Erasmus-Municipalities Program increase their capacity to deal with municipal management issues.
  • Greater cooperation and interaction among local community organizations, schools, clubs and businesses.
  • Opportunities for staff members to apply their knowledge in a new context, to improve leadership and language skills, and to put expertise and creativity to work in solving municipal problems. This results in increased self-confidence and job satisfaction.
  • Greater awareness and appreciation of different cultural values and minority groups.
  • Greater understanding of development issues.
  • Community pride.
  • Recognition by other cities and other orders of government for the community’s expertise.
  • Solid relationships forged as a framework for future economic ventures.
  • Increased stature of overseas partners has attracted additional support from other countries.
  • Greater awareness of the role and participation of women in municipal life.

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