Open Letter to Mayors

Dear Mayors,

We have entered the era of smart cities. An era in which technology is enabling cities’ transformation into prosperous, modern and sustainable environments. Today more than ever, successful leaders who are challenged to do more with less, are using technological opportunities to enhance the quality of life in communities despite resources limitations.

As a mayor, you must compete with other cities to attract top talents, new residents, and investors. You are constantly faced with new challenges, while at the same time – you are pressured by increasing budgetary and legal constraints.

But as the leader of your city, you are a forward-thinking and visionary person, who strives to discover new opportunities for growth in order to meet the expectations of constituents.

Kratos Technology recognizes the needs of local governments for economically viable and intelligent IT solutions. This is why, we are constantly improving our cloud-based municipal platform to improve service delivery, your citizens’ engagement, and deliver on the promise of emerging technologies.

We have developed eMunicipality with a special focus on local government operations, businesses and citizens’ specific needs. With eMunicipality, we remove the burden of legacy IT systems and expensive hardware infrastructures, and make public services easily available for citizens and businesses anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Convinced that you recognize the importance of smart online civil service delivery, we help you help your city take a giant technological leap with a beneficial impact on economic prosperity and sustainability.

Thanks to eMunicipality, it is now easy, fast and affordable for your administration to achieve a connected online presence, enable online services for citizens and businesses and become the benchmark for innovative city leadership.

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Fakihi

CEO, Kratos Technology Ltd.

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