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Become an eMunicipality community partner to get access to the tools and resources to push your application to hundreds of public administrations and grow your revenue.

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Join us in developing a new generation of e-government services in Europe! Get valuable e-government software expertise, differentiate your brand and grow your revenue together with eMunicipality.

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Our partner programs are tailored to all government software-oriented companies, IT services, IT consulting or integration companies, and web agencies, who would like to develop a winning collaboration with us!


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How to Become a Partner?


1. Apply for a partnership.


2. Sign and submit a contract.


3. Create a profile page for the eMunicipality Partner Directory.


Why Become a Partner?

Partner Programs

We have developed a range of partner program levels to meet the diverse needs and business models of our partner companies. The Kratos Technology eMunicipality Partner Program offers you three types of relationships to best match your business needs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold partnership. Contact us to learn more.

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