How can local governments benefit from eMunicipality?

The best public administration is the one that goes unnoticed by citizens and businesses. eMunicipality is a software-as-a-service platform, which simplifies the delivery of city services online and makes them conveniently accessible for all constituents. The solution provides a fast, easy and affordable way to improve everyday interactions between citizens and public administrations.
Challenged by state and supra-state authorities on one hand, and citizen needs on the other, local governments are expected to deliver innovative quality public services with very limited resources.
Build your image and sustain relationships with the citizens in personalised and cross-channel communications across email, mobile, social media, the Web and other channels.

Citizen Self-Serve Portal

Makes being a citizen easier

Via an authenticated and secure profile (eID or electronic signature login), citizens can access and request all available online public services.

Communication between citizens and authorities is done via a simple messaging and email interface.

Empower citizens to report common issues, such as potholes, streetlight outages, etc. via their smartphones. Work together for the improvement of life in the community.

The eMunicipality platform integrates multiple contact channels. Web, social media, mobile apps, call centre - citizens can connect with authorities in the most convenient for them manner.

Personal citizen accounts remove the headache of entering data multiple times. “Once-only” data collection secured with government-grade privacy protection is a basic principle in the SaaS solution.

A service request has been fulfilled, the deadline for enrolling children for the school year is soon, a pothole has been fixed - communication between citizens and administrations goes two-way. The more informed the citizen, the more satisfied he or she is with public service quality.

Municipality Administration Portal

Simplifies online service delivery

An integrated case management module provides administration teams with a simplified workflow, containing all the steps, people and documents they need to go through in order to resolve a particular service request.

If additional information from citizens is needed, municipalities can contact them directly via the platform and exchange information on the requested services.

eMunicipality enhances processes in public administrations by automatically routing all service requests directly to the responsible departments.

It is easy to view and track the progress of service request cases via simplified tasks, targets and automated workflows. Not only the performance in the municipality is enhanced, but also citizens are able to track the status of their requests.

What you measure, you can improve. eMunicipality provides administrations with performance management tools, such as reports and personalised dashboards.

Impress citizens with a customised look and feel of the portal. Choose from our beautifully designed themes or integrate your own design with the help of our network of established partners.

 More than 200 out-of-the box public e-services. Easy to use. Designed around life events.

all-you-needEverything you need.

eMunicipality helps you achieve your mission – to inform, connect with, and serve citizens better. It gives you an abundance of out-of-the box tools to bridge the communication gap with citizens and manage service requests online with ease:

  • Request management
  • Service delivery workflows
  • Routing of service requests
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Citizen portal
  • Administration portal
  • 200+ services included
  • Online transactions
  • Built-in CMS features
  • Mobile apps, etc.


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security-safeGovernment-grade security.

Worried about data security and privacy issues? With eMunicipality, you know exactly where your data is located at all times. Our security team is aware of your concerns regarding data being held by third parties. This is why we aim to deliver on the highest security performance, following the EU Commission’s SLA guidelines on cloud computing and partnering solely with ISO 27001 certified hosting providers, located in your country. Personal citizen data and administrative documents are safeguarded in a private cloud.


responsiveDeliver 200+ services online.

Unlike lengthy software implementations for a single web service, eMunicipality comes with more than 200 built-in public service workflows from the start. It has never been easier for public administrations to go digital! Just sign up, customize your municipality’s portal and choose which public services you will make available online for citizens, businesses and the community.


customizeCustomize the design.

Create your branded citizen-facing portal with the help of our beautiful themes and fully customizable templates. You have everything you need to impress citizens in a one-click reach. Looking for something unique? Our network of established partners will help you integrate your own design with eMunicipality’s platform.


online-paymentsAccept online payments.

Paying online has become an everyday activity for people – they shop for products online, buy tickets, pay for services. So why not enable online transactions for municipal services, too? eMunicipality comes with a number of available payment gateways, ready to be configured. You can offer citizens to pay for a public service by credit card, Paypal,, or ask a local eMunicipality partner to integrate a payment gateway, suited to your choice.


easel-reportWork the way you want. Perform better.

Capture and organize requests, assign work to the responsible person and get things done without any hassles. Take action on what is most important first by prioritizing requests in the portal. Work the way you want – eMunicipality lets you customize process workflows to match your internal processes.

What you can measure, you can improve! Track how your public administration team is performing via automated reports and intuitive dashboards. Measure performance and do even better in the future.


communicationCommunicate and participate.

To give relevant and timely information and to receive feedback are key to improving the quality of any communication. Along with online services, eMunicipality provides you with a content management system (CMS), via which you can easily publish updates in your portal about life in the city, service provision information, events, or else.

Every service request via the platform enables a two-way communication channel between the citizen, who requested the service, and the administrative employee. In this way, citizens can transparently see the status of their request. Both sides are able to ask and receive feedback on a request via an easy to use messaging tool.


Onboard fast. Use easily.

Go digital in no time and start serving your community for a fraction of a custom application cost. Onboarding is as easy as setting up an e-commerce store – you sign-up, customize the look and feel of your citizen portal, choose from out-of-the box public services or customise your own, and be up and running in no time. eMunicipality was built with the end user in mind – its attractive and intuitive interface makes the platform extremely easy to adopt, quick to navigate, and effortless to manage.


timeRely on 24×7 expert support.

eMunicipality ensures the 24/7 availability of public e-services in front of citizens. Our in-house support team, together with our network of trusted integrator partners, can help you with everything from setting up your eMunicipality solution to training your users and making your online services portal a success. You will also have access to numerous user tutorials, videos, and a Q&A online community, so that you are covered in every situation.


compassBe everywhere.

Reach your citizens via any online or mobile channel! eMunicipality is fully integrated with the popular social media platforms. It facilitates public communication and enables citizens to connect with you through the channel of their own choice. Connect with citizens on the go and empower them to participate in the development of the city by reporting common service requests, such as potholes, and streetlight outages – easily, anytime, anywhere.


heartMeet citizen expectations.

Citizens are looking at the private sector as the benchmark for service delivery. They are wondering why municipalities are not able to provide the same level of customer experience as banks or retailers. This raises a new challenge before local governments – to meet citizen expectations, but find an affordable way of doing so.


moneySpend less time and money.

Cloud computing allows you to use the services you need as you need them. By moving to the cloud, you benefit from up to 20% lower operating costs – you spend less budget on IT maintenance, infrastructure, and software licenses, while enjoying an easy-to-manage, flexible solution, matching your local administration’s demands. eMunicipality offers administrations an affordable, subscription-based pricing model, which eliminates the need for over-investment in IT.

You can now focus on your core activity – making your city a better place to live. Software headaches are left in the past – have all public services online faster, better and cheaper.

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