The best public administration is the one that goes unnoticed by citizens and businesses.

eMunicipality is a software-as-a-service platform that simplifies the delivery of city services online and makes them conveniently accessible for all constituents. The solution provides a fast, easy and affordable way to improve everyday interactions between citizens and public administrations.


Respond quickly and accurately to citizen requests or inquiries. Anytime. Anywhere.


Streamline your public communication on all channels from a single integrated interface.


Reimagine citizen engagement by including them in the decision process of their community.

Easy and Intuitive.

With its user-centric interface, eMunicipality makes it easy for citizens to request services, and for municipalities to manage their workflows.

Fast and Convenient

Speedy interactions with local government are not a myth any more. Public services can be accessed from the comfort of citizens' homes.

Highly Secure

The combination of a unified logic and country-specific private cloud architecture ensures the enterprise-grade security level of the solution.

200+ Services Included

eMunicipality is an innovative  SaaS platform. Administrations can onboard in no time and choose from 20+ e-services and many modules.

Embracing Mobile & Social

Empower citizens to actively participate in the local community, by allowing them to connect and report to authorities via any channel.

Customizable Design

Impress citizens with branded portal look and feel, matching your local government's message. Easily customize eMunicipality's beautiful themes.

Join the thousands of administrations using civic technology